83.68pc targeted people get Covid-19 jabs in Rangpur

Published : 09 Dec 2022 08:23 PM

Some 83.68 percent of the targeted 1,86,63,612 people have so far been inoculated with the first doses of Covid-19 jabs since the beginning of the vaccination campaign in Rangpur division.

 “A total of 1,56,16,987 people  have already got the first doses of Covid-19 jabs, and among them, 1,34,09,070 people or 71.85 percent against the targeted people got the second doses,” Acting Divisional Director (Health) Dr Habibur Rahman said.  

 At the same time, 66,07,170 people have already been vaccinated with the booster doses of Covid-19 jabs in all eight districts of the division where the vaccination campaign continues smoothly.

 Meanwhile, more 26,948 doses of Covid-19 jabs were administered on Thursday as the first, second and booster doses raising the total number of vaccinated jabs to three crore 56 lakh 33 thousand and 227 doses in the division.

“Among the administered Covid-19 jabs on Thursday, 2,505 were inoculated as the first, 10,171 as the second and 14,272 jabs as the booster doses,” Dr Rahman said.  

Till Thursday, a total of 18,62,622 doses of Covid-19 jabs were inoculated to the students aged 5-11 years as the first doses and 59,029 jabs as the second doses in the division.

Meanwhile, the total number of Covid-19 patients remained steady at 64,953 as no fresh Covid-19 cases were diagnosed after testing 96 new samples on Thursday.

The number of recovered Covid-19 patients remained steady at 63,659 no more patients healed during the last 24 hours ending at 8 am today in the division.

“Besides, the number of 

casualties also remained steady at 1,293 as no new death was reported during the last 24 hours,” Dr Rahman added.