8 new dengue patients hospitalised in Bagerhat

Eight more people were hospitalised with dengue in Bagerhat in the last 24 hours until Thursday morning.

So far, the district has recorded 79 cases.

“Currently, eight dengue patients are being treated at hospitals in the district,” said Bagerhat Civil Surgeon Dr GKM Shamsuzzaman. 

Shamsuzzaman said the government is providing free tests for dengue at the sadar hospital and health complexes in the upazilas.

“Most of the infected people came from Dhaka,” he said.

Dengue fever has caused hundreds of deaths this year in Southeast Asia. Apart from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos are also recording higher number of fatalities. 

Dhaka, the overpopulated capital city, has been at the centre of dengue outbreak. The government has so far confirmed 40 deaths and more than 43,000 cases since January.

Dengue fever usually causes severe flu-like symptoms, including high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pain, and a characteristic skin rash.

There is no specific treatment, the WHO says, but early detection and access to proper medical care lowers fatality rates below 1 percent.