720,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses for Rajshahi div in first phase

Published : 26 Jan 2021 09:26 PM

A total of 720,000 dosages of Corona vaccine will be supplied to the people of Rajshahi division in the first phase of vaccination. After applying the first dosage, the second dosage of the vaccine will be administered after two-months, said Dr Habibul Ahsan Talukder, Director of Health, Rajshahi division. 

He further informed, people of Rajshahi division will not be supplied the vaccines that are being offered as the gift from India. People of the division will rather be supplied the vaccines that are being purchased from Oxford.

It is learnt, at the first phase, a total of 60-cartoon of vaccines are being supplied for Rajshahi division. Of those 15-cartoon has been allocated for the people of Rajshahi district but as a divisional city, four more cartoons will be sent here. Each cartoon will contain 1,200 vials of vaccines. 10 people will be vaccinated from each vial. A total of 228,000 people of Rajshahi district will be vaccinated from 19-cartoon of vaccines. 

Director of Health of Rajshahi division further informed, four centres for applying Coronavirus vaccines have been made ready for Rajshahi district. The centres are; Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, Nagor Bhaban of Rajshahi City Corporation, Rajshahi Police Line Hospital and Rajshahi Cantonment Hospital. 

At the first phase, two booths for vaccination at RMCH will be inaugurated. Two nurses of RMCH will apply the vaccines. The probable vaccine recipients will need to register their names and addresses through an Apps.