679 foreign nationals detained in BD jails

82 in jail despite prison terms ended

As many as 679 foreign nationals, including 20 women, are in different jails in the country on various charges such as cheating and drugs dealing. According to sources at the Directorate of Prisons, a total of 65 foreigners are in jail as convicts while 532 others are detained as accused in various cases which are under trial and the rest 82 foreign nationals are still in jails despite their prison terms have expired.

According to sources, those 82 foreign nationals have been languishing in Bangladeshi jails despite their jail terms are over due to various complications. Most of them do not have either passports or other necessary papers and documents. Besides, relatives of some of them are not coming to Bangladesh to receive them while some others could not be released as their countries or embassies in Bangladesh do not want to take their responsibilities.

The foreign nationals detained in Bangladeshi jails are mainly from India, Pakistan, Nepal, USA, Spain, Kenia and Nigeria. Sources at the Ministry of Home Affairs and its Directorate of Prisons said most among the foreign detainees had come to Bangladesh from different African countries aiming at changing their fortunes here. Many of them had come to Bangladesh with either tourist visas or with student visas while some others had come here with business visas.

But they did not leave Bangladesh despite their visas were expired. Rather they got themselves involved with various crimes like cheating, fraudulent activities and illegal drugs business. They were sent to jails through courts after their arrest by different law-enforcement agencies or intelligences on various charges.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal in this regard said a number of foreign nationals are detained in different jails on various criminal charges. Some of them are detained as convicts and some others are as accused under trial. Besides, some others are overstaying in jails due to non-cooperation by their own countries or their relatives.