63,285 migrants died over last decade

Human trafficking must be curbed

Published : 27 Mar 2024 09:30 PM

We are all very shocked and saddened by the news of many migrants’ tragic deaths over the last decade. At least 63,285 people while migrating died or disappeared in the last ten years, International Organisation for Migration’s (IOM) study says on Tuesday.

According to international news agencies and newspapers, all the ill-fated people have perished or disappeared on migration routes around the world between 2014 and 2023, with most deaths caused by drowning. The report shows that the majority of deaths and disappearances - 28,854 - occurred in the Mediterranean, followed by Africa and Asia.

In our country, we also continued witnessing such deaths of Bangladesh’s young people while crossing the Mediterranean Sea to trespass into the European countries illegally. We have been noticing since long, youths in different districts of our country have become desperate to migrate to European countries, even at great risk to their finances and personal safety.

In consequence, many youths went missing while crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach European countries including Italy and Greece using Libya and Turkey as transit points along their route. And a large number of them went missing before they reached the destination.

63,285 people while 

migrating died or 

disappeared in the

 last ten years

The government has taken various measures to promoting legal migration but many Bangladeshis try to reach European countries illegally resulting in tragic and frequent deaths in their perilous journey through the seas. It is truly horrifying to see that our many young men of our country who are desperate to go to different European countries including Italy via Libya illegally, drowning in Mediterranean Sea, dying in desert heat or being tortured brutally by the international human trafficking or other criminal gangs.

Nobody should go abroad illegally by selling off everything with dreams to catch the 'Golden Deer', which might cost one’s life.  The EU repeatedly expressed its willingness to work together with Bangladesh in curbing human trafficking.

Human trafficking and migrant smuggling cannot be prevented by a single organisation or an agency or entity rather concerted effort of all concerned is required. Therefore, Bangladesh and the EU need to manage this in a very orderly way to avoid irregular arrivals through dangerous routes like from Libya and Mediterranean.

There are many things Bangladesh and EU can do together including efforts to give the right information to the people about the risk of irregular arrivals in Europe. Human trafficking is like cancer in a society that undermines the lives of individuals and the future of their families and tarnishes the country’s image.

Bangladeshis are one of the top ten nationals who crossed the Mediterranean Sea during 2014-2023, and such statistics go against the achievements Bangladesh made. Despite sustained efforts, human trafficking continues to thrive through transnational networks.

Youths especially the Middle-class ones are joining exodus of poor migrant workers to Italy and France but not all survive the journey The organised international criminal groups in association with the local human traffickers are luring our youths into such danger with the promise of a luxurious life in European countries.  

All must keep in mind that the human traffickers everywhere are a highly powerful coterie. It is priority to all us to work together with the government to refrain our youths from going to Europe illegally.