612 Covid-19 patients recover in N’ganj

The good news is that a big number of Covid-19 patients have recovered from corona in Narayanganj, while the bad news is that 21 more persons have newly been infected with corona.  

Currently the total number of corona patients has exceeded five thousand and the death toll has climbed one hundred fourteen till today in Narayanganj.

District civil surgeon office informed that six hundred and twelve patients recovered from coronavirus within last 24 hours and the total number of recovery is 5169.  Narayanganj is known as corona hotspot and was marked as red zone but in the last 4 months the health department collected 25561 samples against the number of 31 lakh people in the district. 

In the first phase of corona pandemic, most of the patients had to go to the capital city without finding any treatment facilities in Narayanganj. Considering the existing situation of corona, the district administration and health department newly imposed directions to the shopkeepers and people here.

The direction came as the shopping malls in the town, even shops in the rural area will run from 10 am to 7 pm, and no people will stay out of the house after 10 pm.

However, Narayanganj dwellers are not pleased with the present treatment condition in Khanpur 300 bed hospital in the town though its corrupt clerk has been transferred due to too much delay and irregularities in setting up ICU in the hospital.