61 SSC candidates absent in Ishwardi

Published : 15 Sep 2022 08:06 PM

SSC and equivalent exams have started across the country from Thursday. 61 candidates were absent from the first day of SSC Bengali examination at Ishwardi in Pabna. Among them, there are 28 general education, 21 madrasa and 12 technical class candidates. 

At the end of the examination the head of the center confirmed the absence of the examinees.

According to the information received from them, 8 were present in Govt Sara Marwari Model School and College Centre, 2 in Ishwardi Girls School and College Centre, 3 in Pakshi Paper Mill High School Centre, 9 in Pakshi Railway Girls High School Center and 9 in Bansher Bada Bhumukhi High School Centre. 6 candidates. 

Apart from this, 21 candidates of madrasas in Ishwardi Islamia Alim Madrasa center and 12 candidates of Technical Vocational Institute did not participate in the examination.

According to upazila secondary education office and examination center, this year 4 thousand 573 candidates from 63 educational institutions of Ishwardi in Pabna are participating in general education, madrasa and technical examination. 

Among them, there are 3 thousand 694 people from 45 high schools, 334 from 16 madrasas and 545 technical candidates from various educational institutions.