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60 more bed added to corona hospital in N’ganj

Published : 27 Apr 2020 09:36 PM | Updated : 04 Sep 2020 09:50 PM

The industrial zone and port city Narayanganj has a huge number of corona patients that is increasing rapidly everyday. Considering the circumstances, the health department had set up a Corona dedicated hospital at Khanpur 300 bed hospital

Narayanganj Khanpur 300 bed hospital had been providing treatment to corona infected patients with 50 beds until now. Of which 40 beds were for isolation and 10 were for Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

However, the hospital has now included 60 more beds for treatment of corona patients. The hospital now has a total of 110 beds assigned for treating corona infected patients.

A total of 36 corona infected patients are still undergoing treatment in this hospital and apparently only 4 beds were vacant in the isolation unit as a good number of people are getting infected in the city and all of them are admitted into this hospital. 

Resident physician Dr. Samsuddoha Sonchoy of Khanpur hospital said, “Our hospital now has 100 isolation bed for providing treatment properly while the other 10 ICU bed will be completely ready within the first week of the next month”.

Different walk of people in the district are yet frustrated as the corona treatment facility here is still insufficient as per patients and population ratio.

Moreover, the process of collecting samples from suspected patients and sending them to IEDCR in Dhaka is creating risks for the health workers in the city. In this situation the major demand of the inhabitants of installing a PCR laboratory has not been met up till now. 

Meanwhile, conscious residents are facing another panic after reopening readymade garments and factories. Most of the workers of these sectors are from other districts and it is a big problem to scan all the RMG workers.

According to the district health department the number of total corona infected people in Narayanganj is 625. Of which, 25 came round and 42 died till Monday.