5th grader tied to pole, tortured on false theft accusation

Published : 11 Apr 2022 08:32 PM

It has been alleged that a 5th grade student was tied to a pole and tortured on the false accusation of theft in a village of Chuadanga. 

However, the owner of the Mayer Doa fashion house said that he was tied to a pole after being caught red-handed while stealing money. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon but the matter was announced on Monday morning. 

When the matter came to light in the area, the locals expressed their displeasure towards such behavior towards the child. 

It is learned that Abdur Rahman (10), son of Monwar Hossain of Dost village in Chuadanga Sadar Upazila, is a 5th class student of Dost Government Primary School. 

At that time, the shopkeeper falsely accused Abdur Rahman of stealing money and tied him to a pole in front of the shop. 

When the pedestrians wanted to know the reason for torturing the child, the shopkeeper informed officials that he had stolen money from the shop. 

However, after searching the ody of the child, they did not find any money. The headmaster of the school said, "I found out and went to the store and released my student. However, no money was found from him. I told the shopkeeper that if my student had committed any crime he would tell me I would pay compensation. Such treatment of a child with false accusations of theft is not tolerable.” 

Romana, who was in the shop, said that there was money in a box in the shop. “I caught him in the act of stealing the box. So I was tied up. Earlier, a student of the school had caused such an incident.” 

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Darshana Police Station Lutfun Kabir said no one has lodged a complaint in this regard so far. In case of complaint, necessary action will be taken after investigation.