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‘585 people killed in road accidents in 1st month of 2023’

Published : 05 Feb 2023 02:13 AM | Updated : 05 Feb 2023 03:31 PM

Road crashes claimed 585 lives across the country in January, said a report of Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity.

Forty-six people killed in 44 railway accidents while 11 killed and one was injured in 13 waterway accidents, it said.

The report was published on Saturday after analysing accident reports published in the country's national and regional dailies and online media during the period.

Total 642 people were killed and 978 others injured in 650 accidents on roads, waterways and railways across the country.

Two hundred five  people died and 114 others were injured in some 214 motorbike accidents across the country last month.

Among those killed in road accident in January, 206 people were drivers, 109 pedestrians, 35 transport workers, 53 students, 10 teachers, 13 members of law enforcement agencies, 115 women, 62 children, five journalists, one freedom fighter, two lawyers, three engineers and 14 activists of different political parties.

Among those vehicles involved in the accidents were 12.5 percent buses, 24.75 percent pick-up vans,, covered vans and lorries, 5.2 percent private cars, jeeps and microbuses, 5.88 percent CNG-run auto-rickshaws, 27.32 percent motorbikes, 14.58 percent battery-run human haulers and 9.92 percent three-wheeler vehicles.

Of the accidents, 29.51 percent occurred on national highways, 38.61 on regional roads and 24.45 percent on roads. Besides, 5.22 percent accidents occurred in Dhaka city, 1.18 in Chattogram city and 1.01 percent on rail tracks.

The association blamed reckless driving, dangerous overtaking and movement of unfit vehicles, unskilled drivers and helpers, plying of slow-moving three-wheelers and human-haulers on highways, using headphones or mobile phones, using drugs, illegal occupation of footpaths, poor traffic management, and violation of traffic rules for the  accidents and deaths.

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