53 dykes in Kishoreganj now under threat

Water level in Haor rises again

Published : 19 Apr 2022 08:52 PM

After 10 days of continuous downpour in Kishoreganj, the water level of Haors is increasing again. Thirty crop protection dams in 53 Haors of Itna, Mithamin, Nikli and Austagram upazilas have not been submerged yet. Locals are working day and night to prevent the cracks in about 10 high-risk dams. Meanwhile, Kabir Bin Anwar, senior secretary at the Ministry of Water Resources, assessed the extent of the damage after inspecting the haor and assured farmers for assistance.

Meanwhile, a five-member team led by Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Shamim Alam again visited the Haor crops and risky dams last Saturday. Authorities said that the next 36 hours are very risky. Because the water of the rivers in the Haor area is in danger. The water is putting dangerous amount of pressure at the dam. Even if a little amount of water rises, half of the paddy land in the Haor will be submerged. The administration is advising to cut 80% ripe paddy by miking in Itna, Mithamin, Nikli, Ashtagram and Karimganj.

In four upazilas, about 43 more crop protection dams, big and small, are at risk. If the water level rises, it will be difficult to protect the crop. Paddy harvesting has already been completed in about 24 percent of Haor region. Farmers are being encouraged to harvest the remaining paddy in the next 7 to 10 days.

Chairman of Dhanpur Union of Itna Upazila Pradeep Kumar Das said that the water level in the dams of Hapnia of Dhanpur, Char of Rampur, Charpara Haor and Katwil Haor of Itpur including Jeol Haor of Itna is below the danger level. If the water rises 6 inches, all the paddy lands along the river will be submerged. 

Itna Upazila Agriculture Officer Ujjwal Saha said that according to the information they have received so far, water has infiltrated in Dhanpur Haor, Badla Haor, Ershadnagar of Sadar Union, Alal's Forest, Betega and other haors of Elangjuri Union.

Kishoreganj Agricultural Extension Department Deputy Director Md Saiful Alam said there is a possibility of rain in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya and Assam. The next 48 hours are critical for Haor. Meanwhile, Bangladesh Krishak Samiti and Kshetmajur Samiti have organized human chain to demand compensation to the farmers.

District Farmers Association President Enamul Haque Idris said that crop loss is taking place in Haor due to various mismanagement. List the affected farmers and demand that they be provided with food throughout the year.