50MW low-cost solar power plant at Dhamrai

The government is likely to approve a power division proposal seeking to construct a low-cost 50MW solar power plant at Dhamrai in Dhaka.

“We have submitted the proposal before the cabinet committee for purchase to allow the power plant on May 28, 2019,” a Power Division official told the Bangladesh Post, adding the government is likely to allow the project proposal.

According to the draft proposal, the power division has a plan to purchase per unit electricity at Tk 8.60 (per kilowatt hour) from the plant.

Concerned officials said a Bangladeshi and two German companies will jointly construct a low-cost 50MW solar power plant at Dhamrai in Dhaka. The Consortium of SS Agro Complex Ltd (Bangladesh), ib vogt GmbH (German), and Milner Vermogensverwaltungs GmbH (German) will jointly build the plant with a capacity to generate 50MW of electricity.

Sources said the power plant will be set up at the consortium’s own land at Dhamrai, on a ‘no electricity no payment basis’ for a 20-year period. The consortium will also install 10 kilometres transmission line from the power plant and bear other expenses from its own fund. 

According to a draft proposal, the power division has a plan to purchase electricity worth Tk 1394.40 crore with consideration of the 18.50 plant factor.

According to the power division, the government has a plan to generate 24000MW of electricity by 2021. Of the electricity, at least 2000MW of electricity will come in 2020 from renewable energy. To this end, it has taken various types of initiatives. Earlier, Power Division on July 28 unveiled ‘Net Metering Guideline 2018’ to buy rooftop-generated solar power from the consumers.

The government has already allowed six solar power plants since 2016 at a tariff between Tk 12.80 and Tk 8.80 a unit. Of the tariff proposals, the 50MW Dhamrai power plant has offered the lowest tariff at Tk 8.60 a unit, official sources said.

The country has witnessed an unprecedented development in the power sector in last one decade. It has been possible due to the real-time sustainable planning and initiatives undertaken by the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

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