5,490 hectares land brought under onion, garlic cultivation in Naogaon

Published : 03 Dec 2022 09:38 PM

A total of 5,490 hectares of land were brought under onion and garlic cultivation in all eleven upazilas of the district during the current Rabi season.

Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) agriculturist Abu Hossain said, the target of onion cultivation has been set on 4,530 hectares of land with a production target of 53,681 tonnes of onion and garlic on 960 hectares of land with a production target of 9043 tonnes of garlic this current season.

Farmers of the district have already started preparing for onion and garlic cultivation and DAE has taken the all necessary steps and seeds supply program to the farmers of the district, he said.

Farmers are cultivating onion on 330 hectares of land and garlic on 100 hectares of land in Sadar upazila, onion on 335 hectares and garlic on 45 hectares in Raninagar upazila, onion on 155 hectares and garlic 40 hectares in Atrai upazila, onion on 560 hectares and garlic on 120 hectares in Badalgachi upazila, onion on 440 hectares and garlic on 90 hectares in Mohadevpur upazila.

Besides, the farmers area cultivating onion on 185 hectare of land and garlic on 45 hectares in Patnitala upazila, onion on 700 hectares and garlic on 110 hectares in Dhamoirhat upazila, onion on 515 hectares and garlic on 35 hectares in Sapahar upazila, onion on 120 hectares and garlic on 15 hectares in Porsha upazila, onion on 885 hectares and garlic on 250 hectares in Manda upazila and onion on 305 hectares and garlic on 110 hectares of land in Niamatpur upazila.