40th BCS examinees demand reevaluation of written test

Published : 07 Feb 2021 09:41 PM

A section of examinees who appeared the written test of the 40th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) competitive exam on Sunday demanded a re-evaluation of the written test result as it allegedly includes some technical difficulties and OMR overlapping issues and a significant number of students who passed two or three times in previous exams, did not pass this time.

They made the demand at a press conference at Dhaka University Journalists' Association (DUJA). Around one hundred job seekers took part in the press conference. From the press conference, the job seekers also gave a 24-hour ultimatum to the concerned authority to respond to them and threatened to go for a hunger strike otherwise. ‘We think, the collapse has occurred due to OMR, overlapping, or another technical mistake. Without such a mistake such collapse impossible. So we want demand to reevaluate the result immediately”, Jobaer Ahmed, an examinee told at the press conference. 

"We are here not to blame PSC, rather raise our voice that there might be some technical difficulties in the procedure. This was my last BCS and I put a really good effort into the exam but the result is quite unexpected and surprising," said Jibona Akter Nodi who came from Kishoreganj.

They placed a written complaint to PSC regarding this issue but PSC officials are yet to respond, said Saidul Khan, one of the job aspirants. ‘Same things happened to around one thousand examinees as some of my close contacts, who expected 570 or more numbers in the test based on their paper and previous experience, did not even get the pass marks (450) this time’, he added. 

Earlier, the sit-in protest took place near Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) premises in Agargaon from 10 am to 1:00 pm where around 200 job seekers across the country took part.

Twenty thousand and 26 candidates took part in the written test after passing the preliminary test held on May 3, 2019, participated by three lakh 26 thousand candidates while four lakh 12 thousand 532 candidates applied for it. On January 27, PSC published the result where a total of 10,964 candidates could manage to obtain the pass marks in the written test.