4 lakh vacancies to be filled soon

Complete recruitment as soon as possible

There are, in the country, around four hundred thousand government job vacancies that are yet to be filled. This situation cropped up because of the suspension of recruitment for the past six months. Moreover, there are a number of vacancies that have been created due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Facing this situation, it bodes well for the jobless people that the ministry of public administration is taking initiative to fill the vacant posts as soon as possible. Already, the 41st BCS examination has been stuck in the backlash of the pandemic and the Public Service Commission (PSC) has not been able to conduct the exams because of the lack of educational institutions which function as exam centres as they are closed down for an indefinite period. This entails to the further increasing of job vacancies in the government sectors. 

On the other hand, examinations for some non-cadre posts have already been started which will, hopefully, play a substantial role in mitigating the job crisis that the country is facing right now. Although job circulars are going around, the lack of examination centres to hold exams for the job aspirants is a tough reality. Also, the task of conducting exams in 64 districts in total compliance with the health rules set forth by the government is also a challenge.

The task of conducting exams in 64 districts in 

compliance with the health rules is also 

a challenge

With the Prime Minister’s word of warning regarding the second wave of coronavirus likely to be upon us soon, it is yet to be seen how 

effectively the country will be able to conduct these recruitment exams braving the hindrances. Strict code of health regulations need to be set up in this case and it has to be ensured that 

candidates adhere to hygiene rules while 

taking their exams. 

Above all, it is a laudable initiative of the government to keep the essential bodies functioning well despite the vacancies. The authorities concerned should try and finish the recruitment process in the shortest possible time to address the issue of unemployment.