4 Jhenaidah UZ livestock offices turning into modern training centres

Published : 10 Aug 2020 01:18 AM | Updated : 27 Oct 2020 08:01 PM

Four upazila livestock offices in Jhenaidah out of six are turning into modern training centres within a month or two. 

The training centres will be enriched with modern training equipment and accessories for the farmers in the respective area, said a source related to district livestock office in Jhenaidah.

The sources said the livestock department is turning the present two-storied buildings to three-storied vertically in Shailkupa, Kaliganj, Kotchandpur and bordering Moheshpur upazilas under livestock and dairy development programme (LDDP).

The buildings will be enriched with a modern and well equipped training room, office and washroom to ensure and timely training facilities. Starting in March this year, the construction work is expected to be completed by August in the same year. 

The farmers will know how to rear cattle heads, goats, duck, poultry birds, feeding and control diseases primarily. 

It will help reduce the mortality of the animals as well as grow them healthy for additional milk and meat purposes.

District livestock officer (DLO) in Jhenaidah Dr. Anonda Kumar Adhikary when contacted said each of the centres is being constructed at a cost of Taka 24 lakh under the LDDP fund. 

It will train up the farmers to meet up the demands of the people for milk, egg, meat and other proteins as well as strengthen their socio-economic state.