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37 univs could not utilize research allocation: Dipu Moni

Published : 05 Jun 2023 08:28 PM

Minister of Education Dr.  Dipu Moni said, 37 universities of the country could not fully utilize the allocation received for their research.  We hope that this time they will fully utilize that allocation.

He said these things in response to a question from the journalists at the end of the 'Mother Language Pedia Enrollment Writing Workshop' organized by the International Mother Language Institute held at the conference room of Chattogram Circuit House on Sunday.

The education minister said that our allocation in the research sector has been increasing continuously for the past few years.  When Sheikh Hasina was not in power, there was no allocation for research.  There was nothing to research.  Those who did would struggle to continue.  During the time of Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina, research is being encouraged.  Our big colleges are also publishing journals now.  Research is also being done there.

She said that it is very hot in the country for the past few days.  I am not thinking about closing educational institutions in summer.  Because our educational program has been somewhat disrupted due to the corona epidemic.  So our teachers will continue the education program as much as they can.

Infuriating the teachers, he further said, our teachers have to be careful with the children.  The school should take care of them. They should be taken to prevent the child from going out in the sun. 

She said that since the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came to power, the clanging of weapons in the universities of the country has decreased.  Caspases are currently being researched.  Peace and order have returned.  Fair study environment prevails