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34 projects await opening by PM in Ctg

Published : 02 Dec 2022 10:28 PM | Updated : 03 Dec 2022 05:00 PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will visit Chattogram on Sunday, December 4, where she will deliver a speech at the Polo Ground in the city.  

On the occasion, not only the Polo Ground, but also Tiger Pass, Lalkhan Bazar, Kazir Dewri and New Market areas of the city are covered with arches.  At the same time, road repair, beautification and cleaning work is going in full swing.

Earlier, on March 28, 2012, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina attended the general meeting of 14 parties including Awami League at Polo Ground.  After 10 years and 9 months, she will address the same ground again.  She will attend the public meeting and inaugurate 30 development projects of Chattogram.  At the same time, the Prime Minister will also lay the foundation stones of 4 more projects.

 After that, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will attend the public meeting organized at the Polo Ground in the city where the stage has been prepared in the shape of a boat, to seat about 200 guests. 

The Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate 30 development projects of Chattogram, besides laying the foundation stone of 4 more projects, from the platform of that public meeting.

According to the project related department and ministry sources, three projects are awaiting inauguration under the Ministry of Water Resources.  They are - Halda River and Dhurong Canal Bank Conservation and Flood Control Project in Fatikchari and Hathajari Upazilas of the district, Rehabilitation (1st Revised) Project through Slope Protection Work in Polder Erosion Prone Area of Sandwip Upazila and 64/1A, 64/1B, 64/1C of Banshkhali Upazila.  Scheme for Permanent Rehabilitation of Affected Areas comprising Polders (2nd Revised).

 Sitakunda Technical School and College, Fatikchari Technical School and College and Raozan Technical School and College under Technical and Madrasa Education Department are awaiting inauguration.  Besides, the Prime Minister will inaugurate the construction work of a 6-storey building of Darul Uloom Alia Madrasa under Kotwali police station, a 5-storey building and a 4-storey administrative building, workshop, one-storey service area and rainwater storage in Sitakund Technical School.

 Under Secondary and Higher Education Department Gulzar Begum City Corporation Girls High School 6th Floor, Kapasgola City Corporation Girls High School 6th Floor, Chattogram Government College 10th Floor Academic Building, Kusum Kumari City Corporation Girls High School 6th Floor, East Baklia City  6th Floor Building of Corporation High School, 4th Floor Building of Kerhat KM High School in Mirsarai Upazila, 6th Floor Building of Forest Laboratory High School under Panchlaish Thana, 4th Floor Building of Haji Mohammad Jane Alam High School under Boalmari Upazila, 4th Floor Building of Patiya Adarsh High School, Santoshpur High School in Sandwip  

The construction work of 4 storey building of the school and 10 storey academic building in Govt City College under Double Mooring Thana will be inaugurated.

Apart from this, the expansion of a building of Polo Ground Multipurpose High School, the construction of 6 phases of stage at Laldighi Ground of Government Muslim High School and the expansion of a building of CMP High School under Khulshi Thana will be inaugurated.

 Construction of a 10-bed Mother and Child Welfare Center at Hinguli at Mirsharai and Chunti 10-bed Mother and Child Welfare Center at Lohagarh is awaiting inauguration under the Department of Health Services.  Under the Ministry of Industry, the women's hostel construction of BITAK Chattogram Center is also going to be inaugurated.  Under the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment, Nasirabad Training Office renovation and modernization work.

 Other projects on the list for inauguration are a training and office at Horticulture Center at Dewanhat under the Ministry of Agriculture, procurement of two high capacity (5000 bhp each/ 70 ton bollard pull) tugboats under the Ministry of Shipping and for various yards and terminals at Chattogram Port.  Procurement of Necessary Equipment Title Project.

 Apart from these projects, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will lay the foundation of 4 projects.  They are - construction of ancillary facilities including jetties in Mirsharai and Sandwip parts of Chattogram under the Ministry of Shipping, modernization of Bangladesh Marine Academy in Anwara, establishment of UN Green Garden with modern facilities in Panchlaish residential area under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works and construction of BPC building in Chattogram under the power department.

 Meanwhile, around 200 leaders can sit on the 3,520 square feet boat-shaped stage.  The SSF and Central Awami League will finalize who will sit on the stage with the Prime Minister.  But even with that security, the leaders on stage have to pass another test.  If you are corona negative, you can get on the Prime Minister's stage.

 It is reported that the health department will conduct a corona test at least 48-72 hours earlier for the security pass holders who have received green signal from SSF.  Only those whose report will be negative will be allowed to go on stage.

 There will be separate dropping points and parking spaces for the freedom fighters and Ministers, Mayors, MPs, Central Leaders, GOC-24 Infantry Division, Divisional Commissioners, Police Commissioners and Range DIG at the rally venue.