33,106 take 2nd Covid jab in Chandpur

Published : 28 Apr 2021 09:29 PM

33,106 people took the second doses of Covid-19 vaccine in Chandpur. Vaccination against corona virus has started in Chandpur from April 8. As of April 28 (Wednesday), 33,106 people had taken the second dose in the district.

From the beginning until April 25, 60,343 people took the first dose, whose activities are now temporarily suspended.

Today, on Wednesday 26th April, 1,060 people took the second dose. 44,902 first-dose recipients have not yet received the second dose.

In last 24 hours from February 7 to April 28 in Chandpur, 77,008 people have been vaccinated. 

The Department of Health has instructed that one can take the second dose of the vaccine within 60 days from the date of the first vaccination.

The control room of the Chandpur Civil Surgeon’s Office has received the information till April 28.

Registered 2nd dose delivery activities are in progress.

Those who have registered and have not yet been vaccinated are requested to get vaccinated immediately.

Chandpur Civil Surgeon Sakhawat Ullah said the corona virus vaccine could be given during Ramadan as well.