31 AL aspirants wait for party nomination

Published : 24 Nov 2023 08:54 PM

Thirty one leaders of local Awami League including three lawmakers collected party nomination papers and desired nomination from the party in five parliamentary seats.

Among the five parliamentary seats in Narayanganj two lawmakers have been elected from Jatio Party in the last few regimes. But it created displeasure among the Awami League and demanded the party chief in letter to nominate all five candidates from Awami League. District unit Awami League president who is also aspirants to vie in Narayanganj-1 constituency (Rupganj) said that he deserves all five seats candidates get from Awami League nomination.

The largest area and number of voters constituency is Narayanganj-4 in where Awami League law maker AKM Shamim Osman while the town and Bandar upazila constituency Narayanganj-5 law maker is AKM Selim Osman from Jatio Party.

Another Jatio Party lawmaker is Liakot Hossain Khoka elected from Narayanganj-3 constituency (Sonargaon).  The highest number of Awami League aspirants 14 collected nomination papers from this seat.

Newly moved with Awami League the participatory political party Trimul BNP general secretary Advocate Taimur Alam Khondoker said that he and other four collected nomination papers to contest in the election. He also desires at least a nomination be given to them in Narayanganj.

According to the collected nomination papers from Awami League 3 collected for Narayanganj-1  consti­tuency, 6 for Narayanganj-2 consti­tuency, 14 for Narayanganj-3 consti­uency, 2 for Narayangnj-4 constituency and 6 for Narayanganj-5 constituency.