301 women, girls tortured in May: Mahila Parishad

Published : 02 Jun 2023 09:12 PM

At least 301 women and girls were tortured across Bangladesh in May, according to a report released by the Bangladesh Mahila Parishad on Thursday.

Of the victims, 65 including 49 girls were raped while one girl was killed after rape, said a press release.

The BMP conducted the study based on reports published in 13 national dailies in May.

Some 48 women and girls were murdered and 26 women and girls died mysteriously while 24 committed suicide.

A total of 25 women and girls faced sexual harassment and 16 were subjected to physical assault while another 16 were teased.  

Of those abducted, four were women and 12 girls. Four were victims of child marriages.

A total of six women and girls were victims of cybercrimes and one was tortured by the police, according to the report.