3 -month weather outlook

Precautionary measures must be taken

Published : 18 Feb 2024 09:47 PM

Bangladesh Meteorological Department (Met Office) published a three-month weather outlook, warning alongside some moderate thunderstorms, Bangladesh may experience severe nor'westers, tornados and cyclonic storms during the period.  

 As the Summer is not far away, strong season of storm is knocking on the door. The strong storms hit the country in usually March-May every year, killing people, damaging houses and crop fields, uprooting trees and electric poles and sinking water vessels.

Besides, nor’wester thunderstorm coincides with the setting in of the summer season. And, our country has already experienced a number of powerful cyclonic storms and nor’wester, affecting its natural resources badly.

Recently the frequency and intensity of cyclones and storms have also increased in the country due to climate change. Besides, the rainfall patterns are also changing in the country.

In consequence, many people die and go missing after water vessels like launch, trawlers capsize in the river caused by powerful storms in March-May. On the other hand, lightning strike has also turned into one of the deadliest natural disasters claiming lives every year due to the loss of natural defence and lack of precautionary measures as well. As the storm also topples vulnerable and outdated power poles, the ministry concerned will also have to remove those immediately. Though we all know natural disasters cannot be contained, we must take preparations in advance and try to minimise the damages they can cause.

Bangladesh may 

experience severe 


tornados and cyclonic storms during 

the period  

Therefore, the government will have to take preparations in advance and work in a well-coordinated way to face the cyclone, nor’wester and storm. National print and electronic media should play a major role as regards weather forecast widely.

And, people especially those who will be traveling by waterways, farmers and fishermen must follow the weather forecast and take precautions. In this regard, the state-run Bangladesh Inland Water Transport must suspend plying of water vessels if the met office issues weather warnings and check safety issues of water vessels to prevent deadly accident.

Besides, the met office must inform the people, prior to any such calamity so that people can avoid going outside during these times. People have no way in preventing disasters but we can stand by each other after the disasters.

Our country is at risk to a variety of disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes, drought, storm surge and flooding. Therefore, the government should remain always prepared to tackle any disaster in the country and stand by the people of the country in dealing with disasters by adopting various approaches.