29 Puja Mandaps in Ishwardi ready, idol makers pass busy days

Published : 23 Sep 2022 09:05 PM

The biggest religious event of Bengali Sanatan religion followers, Durga Puja will start from October 1. This festival will continue for four days. Durga Puja, a Hindu festival, will begin on October 1 and end on October 5 with the immersion of idols. Ishwardi Upazila Puja Celebration Parishad and law and order forces have taken various preparations to celebrate Puja in Pabna in a fair and beautiful manner.

Meanwhile, artisans are busy making idols in the temple in Ishwardi municipal area and seven unions of the upazila on the occasion of autumn Durga Puja celebration. On the occasion of the upcoming Durga Puja, various arrangements are being made in the homes of traditional Hindus. From buying new clothes to entertaining guests, various desserts are being prepared at home.

According to Ishwardi Upazila Puja Celebration Parishad, the puja ceremony will begin on October 1. This year Durga Puja will be held in 29 temples in Ishwardi and 7 unions of the upazila. 

Among them, there are 8 temples in Ishwardi town area. There are 6 temples in Sara 5, Pakshi 3, Sahapur 2, Laikunda 2, Dashuria 2, Salimpur 1. A separate committee is organizing the puja in each temple.

A visit to some of the Puja Mandaps in the city on Wednesday morning saw artisans busy making idols in temples. Some are doing cleaning, washing and decorating. Preparations are underway for the construction of arches on the roads adjacent to Thakurbari, Moubaria, Karmakar Para, Matri Mandir near Railgate, Dorinarichar Mandir in the city.

Ishwardi Upazila Puja Celebration Council President Sunil Kumar Chakraborty said that there are still several days left for the puja ceremony to begin. Artisans in every temple are busy making idols. Several rounds of meetings have already been held with the leaders of the police administration, upazila administration and the temple committee to celebrate the puja in a fair, beautiful and joyful environment. He said that from October 1, the biggest festival of Hindus, Durga Puja will start in Ishwardi like all over the country. The Durga Puja festival will conclude with the idol immersion on October 5 at Vijaya Dashami.

Shri Madhav Chandra Pal, general secretary of Karma Karpara Matri Mandir Committee of the city, said that preparations are underway for the arrival of the pilgrims and the celebration of the puja at the temple. Everything is going well. Puja celebration and contact with temple committee leaders is continuing. We hope that Durga Puja will be held in a beautiful and joyful atmosphere like every time with everyone's cooperation.

Hadiul Islam, OC (Investigation) of Ishwardi Police Station, said that round-the-clock security measures will be taken during the Puja in the Mandaps, temple and surrounding areas. Police in civil clothes will be deployed in each temple for the puja. He said that a control room will be open at the police station to maintain law and order during puja with additional security in 29 Puja Mandaps of the upazila. In response to a question, this official said that if someone sets up a gambling party or gets drunk in the Mandap area, immediate action will be taken.