29 baby pythons hatched

A python snake at Bangladesh Wildlife Service Foundation at Srimangal in Moulvibazar hatched its eggs. One by one, 29 baby pythons came out of the eggs.

So far, 29 baby pythons have hatched at SiteshBabu's Zoo Wildlife Service Foundation on Thursday morning. Although snakes are frightening, it was a pleasant sight to see these baby snakes together.

It was found that the mother python laid 31 eggs on May 28 at the 'Bangladesh Wildlife Service Foundation' formed by SiteshBabu, an animal lover from Srimangal. Then the mother snake brooded inside the cage for about two months.

So far 29 baby snakes have hatched from these eggs since Thursday morning.

There are two eggs left, maybe two baby snakes will come out in a day. 

29 baby pythons come out of the eggs one by one and the mother snake saw the faces of her babies. Each of these newborn baby pythons is two feet long or slightly longer.

SajalDev, director of the Wildlife Services Foundation said that the mother python had laid 31 eggs on May 28.