288 road mishaps in Barishal in just one year

Published : 12 Nov 2021 09:52 PM

People of Barishal region for past 10 months are facing frequent accidents in roads of Barishal division. Reckless driving, high-speed maneuvers, faulty vehicles, whimsical drivers are some of the major causes of road accidents. 

In Barisal district, 299 people including children were killed in 26 road accidents in 10 months from 2020 to October this year. Another 520 people were injured in accidents. Although the number of road accidents has increased, effective measures have not been taken to prevent it.

Nirapad Sarak Chai (Nischa) and Barisal BRTA have confirmed this information in a statistic of casualties in road accidents. According to the statistics, the highest number of road accidents and fatalities have occurred in Barisal district in last one year. 93 people were killed and 237 injured in 104 road accidents in the district. Of these, the most talked about and tragic road accident last year took place on the afternoon of 9 September. 

On the same day, five members of the same family and the ambulance driver were killed in a three-way collision between a van, an ambulance and a passenger bus on the Dhaka-Barisal highway in Antipara area of Uzirpur upazila.

Besides, 18 people were killed and 70 injured in 20 road accidents in Jhalakati district. 22 killed and nine injured in 20 road accidents in Pirojpur, 43 killed and 46 injured in 42 road accidents in Patuakhali, 22 killed and 31 injured in 19 road accidents in Barguna and 45 killed and 63 injured in 39 road accidents in Bhola.

An official in charge of BRTA said that various activities including training of professional drivers for renewal of driving licenses and putting up of public awareness posters at important points in the prevention of road accidents are being conducted.

An investigation into the cause of the accident has revealed that illegal three-wheelers, easy-bikes and unmanned vehicles are plying on the highways in violation of the government ban. However, in order to reduce road accidents, the government issued a circular in 2015 banning the movement of such vehicles on 22 highways of the country. However, the slow implementation of the ban, incompetent drivers, lack of political will is not going to stop the flow of fresh life on the road.

Gournadi Upazila Press Club President Khokon Ahmed Hira said that it is important to control the speed limit of the driver to control road accidents. Traffic on unfinished highways as well as three-wheelers should be stopped. Besides, pedestrians and drivers should be made aware.

Barisal District Superintendent of Police MdMaruf Hossain said that regular operations are being carried out by the police to stop the movement of three-wheelers on the road. Regular yard meetings and awareness campaigns are underway to avoid road accidents.

Barisal University Assistant Professor of Social Sciences blamed the lack of awareness of the people as the cause of the road accident. TareqMahmud Abir said that just as the road law is not being obeyed, the device is not being used properly on the road. It goes without saying that there is no skilled driver. Road accidents are increasing due to lack of skilled drivers.

Barisal BRTA Divisional Deputy Director (Engine) MdZiaur Rahman informed about the various initiatives of his office to prevent road accidents. In order to implement this, leaflets are being distributed at important places of Barisal along with awareness rallies for the public and drivers, supervisors and educational institutions.

The expectation is that the government and the concerned authorities will try to control the road accidents that are spreading like an epidemic, as well as encourage drivers, passengers and pedestrians to follow the rules.