28,000 Gopalganj farmers get incentive for Aush, Jute cultivation

Published : 01 Apr 2023 09:04 PM

A total of 28,000 small and marginal farmers of five upazilas in Gopalganj district were given seeds and fertilizers free of cost as agro incentive for the cultivation of Aush paddy and Jute in the current Kharif-1 season.

 The amount of incentive support and the number of farmers have been increased significantly in the current financial year 2022-23 in the district, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) Abdul Quader Sarder said.

 He said that 1 kg of jute seed was given among 18,000 farmers each in five upazilas of the district and 5-kg of Aush paddy seed, 10 kgs of Di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizer and 10 kg of Muriate of potash (MOP) fertilizer were given free of cost for cultivating one bigha of land among the 10,000 farmers each.

 Among them, 3500 farmers of Sadar upazila, 7000 farmers of Muksudpur, 4500 farmers of Kashiani, 1500 farmers of Kotalipara and 1500 farmers of Tungipara upazila were given jute seeds.

 Besides, 2400 farmers of Sadar upazila, 1400 farmers of Muksudpur, 2000 farmers of Kashiani, 2200 farmers of Kotalipara and 2000 farmers of Tungipara upazila were given 5 kg of Aush paddy seeds and 10 kg of DAP and 10 kg of MOP fertilizer each farmer free of cost.

 The distributions of the seeds and fertilizers have been completed from the concerned upazila Agriculture Office, he said.