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26pc public varsity teachers on leave

Published : 10 Jan 2021 09:24 PM | Updated : 11 Jan 2021 12:38 AM

More than 26 percent of the total teachers in public universities are on various types of leave, disrupting academic activities.

About 4,027 teachers out of 15,293 teachers in 43 public universities are on at least five types of leave, according to latest annual report of University Grants Commission (UGC).

Among the 4,027 teachers some 2,252 are now in abroad, sources said.

After reviewing last three annual reports of UGC it has been observed that the rate of leave has increased by about two and a half percent in just one year. And in the last three years, the total leave rate has increased by five and a half percent.

Besides, the teachers of the public universities are more interested in working part-time in private universities.

According to authorities concerned, most of the universities have crisis of teachers. And the crisis is surely affecting the studies and research in the public universities.

Specially outside Dhaka, the crisis of senior teachers is acute in the new universities. In such a situation, the academic activities in these universities are going on with the help of junior teachers.

UGC Member Prof Dr Md Sazzad Hossain told the Bangladesh Post, “University teachers have been given leave for research or higher education. Such research or higher education increases the scope of knowledge of the teacher. But the problem arises when leave is granted without maintaining balance. If a department gives leave to three teachers in the same year, student’s academic activities will be hampered.”

“Moreover, some teachers who go abroad for higher education cannot return on time. Therefore, the universities take action according to existing ordinance,” he continued.

“Apart from higher education or research, university teachers take other types of leave.  They join various government and autonomous organisations taking leave for national needs,” he added.

Meanwhile, mentioning the shortage/crisis of teachers in government universities outside Dhaka, UGC Chairman Prof Kazi Shahidullah recently said, “Initiatives will be taken to meet the shortage of senior teachers outside Dhaka.”

Last week, the UGC’s latest (2019) annual report was submitted to the President Abdul Hamid.

The report said some 4,026 teachers in 43 universities were on at least five types of leave. Of these, 2,264 teachers are on study leave. In 2018, about 2,133 teachers were in study leave. 

There are 6 people reporting to other organizations in the year of deputation or lien. Compared to the previous year, the number has increased by 6.

Besides, 65 teachers are on unpaid leave while 13 teachers are staying abroad without permission even after the end of the tenure of leave. Last year, this number was 70 and 25 respectively.

In addition, about 1,619 teachers are working in different organisations in part-time or contract basis, which were 1,097 in previous year.

According to 2018 report of UGC, 24 percent of the total teachers were on leave.

Meanwhile, the information provided to UGC from public universities about part-time or contract teachers did not match with information provided by private universities.

According to the UGC report, 4,209 teachers are working part-time in 102 private universities. Of them, 1,308 are professors, 603 associate professors, 743 assistant professors, 1,328 lecturers and 227 are part-time teachers.

According to the authorities concerned, most of the part-time teachers are being hired from different public universities. But in the annual report of UGC, it has been mentioned the number was only 1,097.

In 2018, a total of 4,145 teachers worked as part-time teachers in several private universities.