26 Bangladeshis killed in Libya

Effective action must be taken

Unexpected incidents related to human trafficking have occurred at different times. Besides, atrocities have also come up in the media at different times due to various reasons including illegal migration. 

It has recently been reported that 30 migrants have been shot dead in Libya. Of these, 26 are Bangladeshis. The other four are African immigrants. 

There have been reports that family members of a Libyan human trafficker shot and killed the 30 migrants. The trafficker had already died. And the responsibility for his death has been placed on these immigrants by his relatives. The killings were carried out in retaliation to that.

We want to say that such brutal and tragic killing naturally stuns us. It is now the duty of those concerned to take action as soon as possible. However, the Libyan Interior Ministry said it had instructed the security department in the city of Mizda to take all necessary steps to arrest the culprits. 

These issues need to be taken into 

account and we need to be proactive 

in preventing such atrocities and tragedies

Whatever the motive behind the genocide, no one is allowed to take the law into their own hands. We would like to say that, with view to proper investigation of this incident, the real truth must be brought to light as soon as possible and appropriate initiatives must be taken.

These issues need to be taken into account and we need to be proactive in preventing such atrocities and tragedies. It needs to be said that the government needs to take strict action in preventing such human trafficking. It is important to remember that migrants from Africa and Asia try to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to enter European countries illegally. 

There are many Bangladeshis among them. And it is through human traffickers that they cross the perilous path to the Mediterranean. And in this case, it is also appropriate to take into account that many Bangladeshis have died while crossing the Mediterranean.

Above all, we want to say that it is necessary to take initiative to convert the population of the country into human resources and export them in a legal way as skilled workers. At the same time, the safety of those working abroad must be taken into account and ensured. In addition, human traffickers need to ensure that the people of the country do not fall prey to their temptations.