24 dead mother turtles washed ashore

Published : 23 Feb 2024 09:06 PM

Dead mother turtles have been floating one after another on the Cox's Bazar coast, raising concern about the safety of the endangered creatures.

Some 24 dead mother turtles of Olive Ridley species, carrying hundreds of eggs, washed ashore on Friday, marine scientists said. 

The turtles floated from Sonar Para on Cox's Bazar Marine Drive road to Teknaf beach and Sonadia coast, they said. 

Bangladesh Marine Research Institute (BORI) scientists came up with the statistic after visiting the area. 

Earlier last Wednesday and Thursday, 15 more turtles washed ashore on the same beach. 

According to BORI scientists, they have found 83 sea turtles dead between January and February 23.

All the turtles are Olive Ridley or olive-colored species, said Tariqul Islam, senior scientific officer of BORI. 

“The Olive Ridley species comes to the sea shore to lay eggs during the breeding season from November to March. During the time, the species get caught in the nets or get injured in some other way and die on their way to the breeding area,” he said.  Most of the rescued turtles are tied with nets and ropes, he said, adding that they also found dead bodies of mammals and dolphins.  He also said that 9,107 eggs have been collected from 76 Olive Ridley mother turtles till February 16 and the eggs are stored in natural hatcheries on the beach. 

BORI Director General Touhida Rashid said they were very worried about the deaths of the sea animals. “The authorities concerned have collected samples from the animals and have been investigating the matter. This type of situation has not happened before,” he said.