212 mobile courts in Chandpur to protect mother Hilsa

Published : 15 Oct 2021 10:08 PM | Updated : 16 Oct 2021 05:58 PM

The campaign to protect mother Hilsha has been going on since October 4 in the maritime boundary of Chandpur including 6 sanctuaries of the country. The campaign to protect the national resource Hilsha will continue for 22 days till October 25. October 15 is the 12th day of the campaign.

Of these, Padma-Meghna District-Upazila Administration, Coast Guard, Naval-Police District Fisheries and Upazila Fisheries have jointly or individually conducted 161 operations so far and a total of 212 in 51 mobile courts.About 90 lakh 56 thousand meters of nets were seized during the operation. 

The value of which is almost 16 crore tk. 152 fishermen from Chandpur Sadar, Matlab North and Haimchar were detained and sent to jail through mobile courts. District Fisheries Department has filed 65 cases. Besides, 960 warehouses, 330 markets and 131 fishing grounds have been monitored. 

The information came from the monitoring room of the district fisheries officer's office on October 15.  Incidentally, in order to breed Hilsha safely in the Padma-Meghna, all types of fish including Hilsha have been banned. The campaign was started to give the mother Hilsha a chance to lay eggs in fresh water with the aim of increasing the production of the national resource Hilsha. As a result, 60 km area of Meghnariver from Shatnal of Matlab Uttar Upazila to Charbhairabi of Haimchar has been declared a sanctuary. 

At this time, Hilsha cannot be procured, bought, sold, stocked and transported. Despite the ban, a class of unscrupulous fishermen did not stop during the expedition. 

They are secretly fishing in the river and selling it. In order to make the operation a success, the members of the task force have continued their strict campaign in the rivers and fish farms every day with a strict attitude. In order to increase the production of hilsa, the government has announced a 22-day hilsa breeding season in all breeds of the country. 

During this period, catching, extracting, selling and marketing of hilsa will be stopped. 

VGF rice has been allotted to the fishermen in the current financial year under the government's humanitarian food aid program during the breeding season.

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