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20pc Covid-19 death occurs in N’ganj

Published : 18 May 2020 10:33 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 08:25 PM

With the rise of Coronavirus death, the death toll has reached to almost twenty percent in Narayanganj, among all deaths in the country.

With the Coronavirus outbreak in the country, so far 328 people died in total all over the country. Of which 63 COVID-19 patients died in Narayanganj which makes the ratio to stands at 19.20% among the total death toll.

Among the 22,268 people infected with Corona virus in the country, 1,658 were identified in Narayanganj. This number stands at 7.4% in ratio to the total number of corona patient identified in the country. It is very difficult to refrain people from gathering both outdoor and indoor as it is a densely populated district. 

Besides, there is a huge amount of industries here. So a huge number of labourers live in Narayanganj, in a small room with their families.  On the other hand, Narayanganj district is known as one road city because of the Bangabandhu road that crossed the district from north to south. All biggest and popular shopping malls of the city are on both sides of this road. 

All kinds of transport like bus, train, truck, rickshaw ply on this road and at the same time all the commuters and buyers also move on this road. Port city Narayanganj is very busy with loading and unloading essential commodities that come from Chattogram and others sea port. 

As a result a good number of labourers are engaged in this sector, who live in a small room or in slams and are incapable of maintaining the hygienic life.

Requesting anonymity, a health sector related person told the Bangladesh Post that the overall unhygienic populous situation poses a major risk of Corona virus transmission.