202 die of Covid, 12,185 infected in N’ganj in last 13 months

Published : 19 Apr 2021 09:59 PM

Two more dies of COVID-19 on Monday and the death toll reached at two hundred two and also the total infected patients’ number stand yet twelve thousand and one hundred eighty five including newly infected one hundred eight.

The report has been found from the regular briefing of the district civil surgeon office in Narayanganj town.   

On March 8 of 2020, the first corona patients had been detected in Narayanganj and a female patient was first expired of COVID-19 at Rosulbagh area of Bandar upazila in Narayanganj on March 30, 2020. 

At the first detection and dying cases found in Narayanganj the health department on April 7, 2020 declared Narayanganj as a corona hotspot and imposed lockdown conditions for people. The again lockdown prevailing across the country but Narayanganj being a hotspot there have been found to have an indifferent mindset of peoples especially in the rural areas. Despite having movement the law enforcers and the executive magistrates enforce law in the city areas but the rural locality is loose atmosphere and peoples don’t obey the health directions.

Most populous district Narayanganj is experiencing insufficient COVID treatment facilities. The Khanpur 300 bed hospital is dedicated for corona patients treatment only with 100 patients accommodation of them only 10 beds have facility for Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Patients who don’t get any scope to admit in Narayanganj corona dedicated hospital he or she has to move to the capital city. Due to the delay to reach the hospital some critical patients have to embrace eternal sleep. 

So it is noted that the death toll delivered by the Narayanganj health department is not the actual figure because some patients have been dying at the different hospitals in the capital city. 

The conscious citizen raises voice in this alarming situation the government has to set up move COVID treatment centers at all upazilas in the district. 

Otherwise, the infected people and the rating of the dead would be very hard to bring down its rein.