20 ‘Qcoom’ customers get money back

Published : 24 Jan 2022 08:19 PM

A total of 20 customers of the E-commerce Company ‘’ got their money back on Monday as the company has started returning the stuck money to it’s customers . 

Senior Secretary of the Commerce Ministry TapanKanti Ghosh  handed over the cheques to the customers at a function at the Commerce Ministry in the city. Sources said in the first phase, a total of Tk 60 crore will be refunded to 6,721 customers.

 In the next phase, steps will be taken regarding other customers of Qcoom who have money stuck, he added. He said buyers who have paid in advance but have not received the product are being refunded. The money of these customers was deposited in the account of Foster Payment Gateway and after listing from there, in the first step, Tk 60 crore is being returned to 6,721 customers, he added.

It is hoped that it will be possible to return the remaining money to the customers. This will increase the confidence of consumers in e-commerce.

E-commerce company, ‘’ was established in 2019.