2 century-old mosque in Barishal needs renovation

Published : 15 Jan 2022 08:51 PM

The traditional Jame Mosque as a silent witness of almost two hundred years of history stands in a state of neglect. People from different parts of the country flock to see this mosque located at the house of late Kalu Hawladar of Amboula village in Bagdha union of Agailjhara upazila of Barisal district.

If the traditional mosque is renovated by the Department of Archeology, it could become more attractive to visitors, said local residents, including visitors. After a long period of neglect, the locals are constructing a new mosque next to the mosque and worshiping it. However, the first mosque in the area, which is 200 years old, has been neglected. 

According to the elders of the area, during the construction of the mosque with bricks and mortar in the time of their predecessors, strict orders came from the house of a local influential zamindar. It was instructed that there could be no brick masonry in the house of the tenants without brick masonry in the house of the zamindar. 

Later, he was forced to build a house and a mosque in the zamindar's house for the purpose of building a mosque. Later the mosque was built with bricks and mortar.

At present, it is a silent witness of history, standing in a state of neglect, neglected, with its exterior design and ingenuity. Even today, the people of the house are lighting candles in the abandoned mosque every evening. 

This traditional mosque with its intricate carvings in the remote areas of Agailjhara Upazila has been a silent witness to the innumerable histories of the area.