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2,768 educational institutes to get MPO

Published : 22 Oct 2019 09:18 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:58 PM

After more than nine years a total of 2,768 educational institutions, including schools, colleges and madrasas, would be brought under the Monthly Payment Order (MPO). Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is expected to make a formal announcement on the MPO at a function today (Wednesday) as per the MPO Policy 2018. Such incentive was introduced in a bid to encourage improving and maintaining quality education in educational institutions across the country.

The move is a part of the government’s plan to bring the remaining (listed) non-government educational institutions under the MPO coverage on the basis of a specific policy titled ‘Non-government Educational Institutions' – (schools and colleges) Manpower Organogram and MPO Policy, 2018.

According to official sources, every year new educational institutions would be enlisted for MPO based on their quality of education maintained as per the MPO Policy 2018. Some 1,651 school and colleges, 557 madrasas, 177 vocational institutions, 62 agricultural institutions and 283 colleges of business management are listed for the MPO, sources said adding that the enlisted educational institutions will get all the benefits from this fiscal (June 2019).

About 1,624 educational institutions were brought under MPO in June 2010. After that, teachers from different educational institutions protested at various times demanding affiliation as MPO. The government had started MPO process much earlier, considering the movement of teachers and employees who have been demanding MPO facilities. However, the government could not give MPO’s to the new institutions due to various complexities.

Now, after more than nine years, teachers and employees of non-MPO secondary schools, colleges, madrasas and technical educational institutions are going to get the benefit of MPO. According to existing policies, the Prime Minister has already approved the list of eligible institutions for MPO registration. The Ministry of Education will issue gazette notification immediately after the announcement. Earlier, the non-government educational institutions were listed under four categories as qualified for MPO facilities.

About MPO affiliation, Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni on Tuesday said at a press conference that if any educational institution fails to maintain their quality as per the requirement of MPO enlisted educational institution, the institution would lose MPO affiliation or registration.

The Minister said, “All new and old educational institutions will be brought under monitoring from now. All MPO enlisted institutions must maintain their standard as per the policies and directives. If any institution fails, their MPO will be suspended. After re-qualifying as per the standard, they will again be brought under this benefit.”

She also said, “The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will publish the list on Wednesday. Listed institutions will be given government financial benefits from July this year.” She also said, “The monitoring system will be expanded to bring back the discipline in educational institutions and increase the quality of education. Sometimes, we see some unwanted interruptions in many educational institutions which raise questions over the education system. Addressing these issues as a whole, we will bring discipline and move educational institutions forward.”

The ministry sources said, “The MPO affiliation will be given according to the MPO policy of non-government educational institutions 2018.” Meanwhile, the teachers and employees of MPO enlisted educational institutions would get the benefit equivalent to the basic pay of the teachers and staff of the government institutions. Apart from this, MPO enlisted teachers and employees would get house and medical allowance, Baishakhi allowances and five percent increase in annual salary.

Sources said that a total of 137,546 teachers and staff of non-government secondary schools, colleges and madrasas have been brought under the MPO coverage since 2009.