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2.23 TCF gas reserve found in Bhola

Published : 23 May 2023 01:59 AM

State minister for for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid on Monday said the potential gas reserves at Shahzadpur, Bhola North and Ilisha gas fields will be 2.23 TCF as per the geological data and Drill Stem Test (DST) report.

“Referring to the report about 200 billion cubic feet (BCF) gas is reserved at Elisha-1 well in Bhola. It is a big good news for the people of the country,” he told journalists at his official residence.

The state minister said the average gas production rate will be 20 million cubic feet (mmcfd) per day from Elisha-1 well, of which the government can extract gas from the well around 25/26 years.

He said considering the described reserve of gas at Elisha-1 well, the estimated price of gas at customer level is about Tk. 6,744 crore, and according to  existing price of the international market, the estimated gas price is approximately Tk. 26,750 crore.”

Nasrul Hamid said Elisha-1 in Bhola district was declared as the country's 29th gas field where a big reserve of gas following recent exploration efforts.

He said that the gas will be transported in the form of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and supplied to industries suffering from low pressure, adding, “We will also give special importance about safety and security during gas transportation.

Initially, he said, a private company has signed a contract to bring a total of 25 mmcfd gas from Bhola through a big trailer. Primarily, it will start with five mmcfd transportation.

“The initiative was taken to make the best use of gas obtained from Bhola. Through this, the gas crisis in the industries around Dhaka will be removed to a great extent,” Nasrul Hamid said.

He said, “We have discovered the new gas field just under the river bed.  We have built one process plant there and another one is underway. Hopefully, the under construction plant will be able to put gas in the pipeline within 2 to 3 years.”

The state minister said a pipeline will be installed from Bhola to Khulna via Barishal. Pre-feasibility  is over and now feasibility study is going on.

“In Bhola, there are  two existing gas fields. Gas is being extracted from nine wells from three gas fields, of which six wells at Shahabazpur gas field of Borhanuddin upazila, two wells in Bhola North of Sadar upazila and lastly Elisha-1 well in Elisha field. Bhola is the only district after Sylhet where three gas fields have been discovered,” he said.

Nasrul Hamid, however, said Bhola gas field has the capacity to produce 120 mmcfd of gas per day. The production capacity will increase further in 2024-25.

He said the government has plans to create a ring fence of pipeline covering Bhola, Barishal, and Dhaka to use the gas for this region while another ring fence will be created covering Dhaka, Sylhet and other districts.

Currently, about 2,300 mmcfd gas is being produced from 22 gas fields in the country, while about 700 mmcfd gas is being imported from abroad to meet the demand of about 4,000 mmcfd, leaving a deficit of about 1,000 mmcfd.