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‘1975: An Untold Story’

Published : 22 Jul 2020 07:43 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 03:59 PM

A full-length film is being secretly made about the darkest events of August 15, 1975. It’s called ‘1975: An Untold Story’.

Masuma Rahman Nabila will be playing the character of Baby Moudud, a close associate of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and a nominee for the reserved seat in the Jatiya Sangsad. Shahiduzzaman Selim is Khandaker Mushtaq and Taukir Ahmed is one of the four national leaders of the country.

It is directed and produced by Shapla Media chief Selim Khan. Originally directed by Shamim Ahmed Rony, the work has been going on for 10 days.

However, the makers and production people do not want to open their mouths about the film for any special reason.

Nabila posted a picture of the film on Instagram on July 20. Then on July 21 Selim Khan admitted the matter.

He said, “I have not told the truth before for special reasons. But I can’t lie. So I admit it. We have started shooting it from last July 10. We are going to shoot for a few more days. 

Then I will submit it to the censor board after editing.”

Film work is going on at BFDC. Director Selim Khan is now in Chandpur. 

Asked why so much secrecy is being maintained about the film, he said, “1975 is a very sensitive issue. 

I wanted to inform everyone after getting censor. Another thing, I’m in the film as a director and  Ronnie’s the adviser.”

Regarding the characters, he said, “The story of the film will start from the day after August 15, 1975. 

So there is no character of Bangabandhu or his family in it. However, it will have historical characters like the dishonest Khandaker Mushtaq and the four national leaders. Nabila has a lot in common with Baby ma’am’s look.

That’s why we chose her for this role.”

The film is being produced by Shapla Media. Meanwhile, Bappa Mazumder has sung a song in the film to the tune of Emon Saha.