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1971: March and December

Published : 22 Mar 2022 09:42 PM | Updated : 23 Mar 2022 02:55 PM

Rakin Mohsen Apon

The book ‘1971: March and December’ by Sabuj Younus portrays the daily events of the War of Independence of Bangladesh from 1st March to 26th March and from 1st December to 16th December.

Sabuj Younus is a professional journalist. In 2012, he received the state prize for outstanding reporting in the energy and power sectors. He is currently the Daily Samakal's Associate Editor and Online In-Charge.

March and December are the glorious two months of the history of Bangladesh. March is the month of independence and March 26 is the Independence Day of Bangladesh. Sabuj Younus of Sujalpur village in Jessore district has excellently portrayed in the first part of the book the history of March of Bangladesh's Independence War. How the struggle of the independence movement was led under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and how the victory was achieved is presented in this book in fluent and vivid language. Daily events are recorded in this collection. Any reader will be able to read the book compiled by Sabuj Younus, who has an Honors and Master’s degrees in Bengali Literature from Dhaka University, and get to know the history of two important months of Bangladesh's Independence struggle, March and December. The work of Sabuj Younus discusses the Pakistani government's deception as well as the Pakistani aggressors' savage killings, rapes, torture of women, arson, and other acts of violence.

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How the all spheres of people of East Pakistan leapt into the battle in response to Bangabandhu's call has come to light in a very passionate tone. The involvement of the Bangladesh Awami League and other political parties in Bangladesh's independence fight is depicted in this book. This book demonstrates which countries have voiced sympathy with Bangladesh's freedom-loving people.It also provides insight into the positions of Pakistan's various political parties during the liberation war. The documentary '1971: March and December' sheds light on the involvement of Islamic parties at the time. This compilation provides a dramatic depiction of the sad tragedy of the March 25th black night. It is a riveting account of how the news of the declaration of independence was disseminated throughout the world's media.December is the month of victory and December 16 is the Victory Day of Bangladesh. The final battle against the Pak aggressors took place in December. Every day in December was very eventful. On the eve of victory, the book paints a vivid picture of where and how the battle took place in Bangladesh. Reading the book also enlightens the reader on the role of foreign media. It describes how the Pak aggressors started surrendering after December 10.

The book is the testimony to the horrific narrative of how the Pakistani army, in partnership with Razakar, Al Badr, and AI Shams troops, murdered the intellectuals on December 14 soon before the victory of Bangladesh. This fantastic collection vividly portrays the story of December 16's victory.

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