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1971 continues to guide India, Bangladesh relations

Published : 30 May 2023 11:02 PM | Updated : 31 May 2023 01:25 AM

Indian High Commissioner Pranay Verma on Tuesday said that 1971 war of liberation continues to guide the relationship between Dhaka and Delhi. He made the comment while  inaugurating a liberation war gallery at the Indian House, Gulshan Dhaka.

Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan highlighted the bilateral relations between the country and said India is a true friend of Bangladesh.

"It was proven in 1971 when they stood by us during our difficult times," he said.

"We'll never forget".

The High Commissioner said the gallery would serve as the "sombre remember" of the sacrifices people of the two countries made in the war. Artifacts, photographs, and documents related to the 1971 war got place at the gallery.

The gallery will "highlight our shared commitment to preserve and celebrate the spirit of 1971," the High Commissioner said, "That continues to guide our relations."

He said the gallery will be a "new bridge between our past and the future."