17 jewellery shop looted in Savar

‘Operation ongoing to nab the culprits’- SP

Published : 06 Sep 2021 08:31 PM

A robber’s gang looted 17 Jewellery shops and a grocery store at Nayarhat Bazar set up on the bank of Bangshi River in Ashulia of Savar, on the outskirts of the capital on early Monday. “We are investigating the issues, and hopefully the involved will be tracked down and arrested soon”, said Maruf Hossain Sarder, Superintendent of Dhaka Zila Police after visiting the scene around 12:00 pm on Monday.  

Parvez Dewan, Chairman of Pathalia Union Parishad said quoting locals, “At least 80 to 90 robbers were participated in that incident by two boats and looted those shops hosting all shop staffs and night guards at gunpoint”.

Bangladesh Post visited the scene yesterday morning and talked to multiple jewellery shop staff and locals.

They said the incident took place around 2:20 am on early Monday, and the robbers have looted those shops hosting shop staff and night guards at gunpoint and tied them up. “They were come by boats and left the scene by the same boats after looted for at least 2 hours long”, they added. 

One Susanta Sarker, staff of a jewellery shop, which was also looted in this incident said, he and his co-worker were in sleep and asked the miscreants about their identity when they noticed that someone trying to open their shop shutter. “They at first introduce themselves as policemen, but afterwards they hosted and tied us up at gunpoint”, Susanta said, adding that all the miscreants were equipped with domestic weapons and firearms.

Joy Ghosh, staff of Sathi Jewellery also said the same experience. “All were wearing mask, and equipped with firearms”, he said. 

Ronojit Rajbongshi, owner of Sathi Jewellery said robbers were looted around 20 Bhori0 (230 Gram) of Gold, 40 Bhori (465 gram) of silver ornaments and cash taka 8 thousand, breaking his shop locker. “I don’t catch it that how I will manage customers, whose ornaments were stored in that locker.

Boloram Rajbongshi, owner of Partho Jewellery said he was at home when the loot happened and found out this morning that robbers were looted 3 Bhori of Gold, 60 Bhori of Silver ornaments, and cash taka 20 thousand from his shop locker.

However, Bangladesh Post could not identify the actual amount of total looting stuff from these 18 shops, as local police and shop owners did not inform it initially. 

Parvez Dewan, the local chairman however said, they working to estimates the amount of total looted stuff, and Mazharul Islam, the local UNO asked him to make a list of victim lists, so that they would get assistance from Dhaka Zila Parishad.