15th Jatra Dal Registration Festival begins at Shilpakala

Published : 20 Mar 2024 10:20 PM

Entertainment enthusiasts and fans of traditional Bengali drama celebrate as the 15th Jatra Dal Registration Festival kicked off with grandeur at the esteemed Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. Spanning eight days from March 18th to March 25th, 2024, the festival, under the management of the Drama and Film Department of the Academy, aims at executing the Jatra Shilpo Development Policy-2012 while facilitating the registration of Jatra Dals (troupes).

The ceremonious inauguration, graced by the presence of Academy Director General Liaquat Ali Lucky, commenced on March 18th, 2024, at 5 pm, with Academy Secretary Salahuddin Ahmed presiding over the auspicious occasion. Set against the backdrop of the National Theater Studio Theater Hall, the festival promises daily entertainment from 3 pm to 9.15 pm, featuring a total of 31 captivating processions.

Distinguished members of the Jatra Industry Development Committee and notable personalities from the realm of Jatra will grace the event, undertaking the crucial task of evaluating the Jatrapala performances. Based on their discerning judgment, Jatra groups will be bestowed with the coveted registration, thus fortifying the cultural landscape of Bangladesh.

Noteworthy is the fact that Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy has before registered 178 Jatra groups through 14 successful Jatra festivals, underscoring its commitment to nurturing and preserving traditional art forms. However, the Academy has also taken decisive action, canceling nine Jatra groups in response to various complaints, reaffirming its dedication to upholding quality standards within the industry.

The 15th Jatra Dal registration remains open to all participants of the festival, fostering inclusivity and participation in cultural endeavors. Detailed information regarding the festival schedule is readily accessible on the official website of the Academy (, ensuring widespread dissemination and engagement.

Behind the scenes, Purnalaksh Chakma, the esteemed set designer of the academy, orchestrates the seamless execution of the 15th Jatra Dal Registration Festival, underscoring the meticulous planning and coordination underlying this cultural extravaganza.

As the curtains rise on yet another edition of the Jatra Dal Registration Festival, it beckons audiences to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Bengali drama, celebrating heritage, creativity, and the enduring spirit of artistic expression.