15,000 sand bags used to protect Khowai dam

Huge volume of cement and sands are being used in a bid to save the farmlands of the district from the devastating flood of the Khowai River during the rainy season.

Until Sunday afternoon, a total of 15,250 bags of cement and sand have been used, completing 80 percent of the project, said district Water Development Board sources.

They claimed that the dam is being constructed so strongly that none has to worry over its longevity.

District WDB Deputy Divisional Engineer ML Soikat said in recent years, the dam used to collapse annually facing the flash flood coming down from the upstream. To resolve the issue permanently, the dam is being constructed under the instruction of Habiganj-3 lawmaker Advocate Md Abu Jahir.

He said 10,250 bags of sand and 5,000 bags of cement mixed 

sand are being used to protect 

the dam at Maslia and Kamalapur point of the dam spending Tk 57 lakhs. 

Besides, geotextile bags are also being used to prevent leakage of the dam. Like pre-vious years, the dam would not collapse this time, the WDB official hoped.

Mentionable, during the last rainy season, the flash flood, after submerging Indian state of Tripura in the upstream, came down towards the dam with waves around 11.50 meter high, 200cm above the danger level.

During the time, people had to safeguard the dam remaining awake at night.