14000 cleaners to keep capital free of wastes during Eid

At least 14,000 cleaners would be on standby to clean city garbage, especially sacrificial animal waste during and after the Eid festival.

The arrangement has been made for efficient management of waste removal within the shortest possible time. Such move is intended to prevent any risk of human infection from decomposing animal waste after sacrifice. 

To prevent unhygienic slaughtering of sacrificial animals in the city, as many as 646 spots have been designated for the ritual sacrifice of animals for the upcoming Eid.

The Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) area will have 375 spots, five each in its 75 wards while Dhaka North City Corporation area will have at least 270 spots, five each in its 54 wards.

An official of DSCC said, “Apart from DSCC’s 5,241 regular cleaners, we would also hire additional 3,000 persons from non-government organization to help remove waste of sacrificial animals.”

Similarly, the authorities of DNCC would also hire additional 4,500 cleaners to remove the animal wastes  in addition to its existing 2,700 cleaners on standby. 

Chief waste management officers of two city corporations have ensured to prepare landfill for dumping of the waste which are mostly decomposable.

DNCC Chief waste management officer Monjur Hossain told Bangladesh Post, “After collecting waste from different areas, we have to dump it at a certain place. In this regard, we have prepared adequate space at a landfill nearby.” 

About quick removal of waste, Monjur Hossain said, “In order to quick removal of waste, we have added one to two more waste carrying cars in each municipal ward according to size and population of the wards. We also have sought the cooperation of traffic police for smooth operation of these pick-ups/ waste carrying cars.”

He also said people would have to keep the waste and leftovers in bags and the DNCC waste management workers would collect those from the spots. On the other Hand, DSCC has set a target to remove waste within 24 hours.

DSCC Chief waste management officer Air commodore Md Zahid Hossain said, “Last year, we removed about 19,000 tons of garbage from the city within 24 hours during the Eid and maintained a clean, stinking odour free city. This year, we have set the same target and want do better from previous year’s experiences.”

He also said, “It is habitual for people to sacrifice animals in open spaces, especialy in garages or parking spaces in apartments in front of their houses or on the roads and alleys, leaving smelly piles of animal parts lying around on the roads. They have to be aware and not to keep such garbage on roadside.”