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14 lakh candidates to sit for HSC exams from Dec 2

Published : 18 Nov 2021 10:53 PM

This year’s Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations will begin from December 2. A total of 1,399,690 candidates from the country will take part in the HSC and equivalent examinations this year.

Among them 729,738 are male and 669,952 are female students. These students from 9,183 institutions will sit for the examinations in 2,621 centers.

Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni unveiled the information at a press conference at the Ministry of Education in the city on Thursday.

She said 1,138,017 candidates from nine general education boards will take part in HSC examination. On the other hand, a total of 113,144 candidates will take part in the Alim examination to be held under Madrasa Education Board. Moreover, 148,503 candidates will take part in HSC BM and Vocational examinations under the Technical Education Board.

Meanwhile, all the coaching centers are directed to be closed from November 25 till January 3 in order to conduct HSC and equivalent examinations in a fair environment.

In the upcoming HSC and equivalent examinations, the number of multiple choice questions (MCQs) will remain the same as previous years. But 50 percent of the questions have to be answered.

On the other hand, in the CQ (Creative Questions) section, students from the humanities and business studies will answer about 43 percent of the questions, while students from science will answer 40 percent.

Moreover, although there will be no formal practical test, the test number (25) is likely to be considered differently.

This rule of writing answers has been fixed by various boards of education. This information has been known from the relevant sources.

In this regard, Controller of Examinations at Dhaka Board of Education Professor SM Amirul Islam said HSC examinations will also be taken in the 'customized' syllabus like SSC. The same rules will be followed for HSC as SSC for answering CQ and MCQ questions.

In practical tests, it has been decided to submit only the answer sheet for 25 marks. It will not be a formal test like before, including viva voce and lab test.