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136 Bangladeshi evacuees from Sudan arrive in Dhaka

Govt will provide necessary assistance to them

Published : 08 May 2023 10:05 PM | Updated : 09 May 2023 02:36 PM

Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Imran Ahmed on Monday said the government will provide all possible financial assistance to returnees from Sudan, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) will be offering their support as well.

“Our primary goal is to alleviate any inconvenience you may face during this difficult time,” he said while receiving the returnees at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.

He said, "Don't worry. You have contributed significantly to our country, but unfortunately, you've lost everything in Sudan. Now, each of you is returning empty-handed. Rest assured, we are here to help and support you.”

The 136 Bangladeshi nationals who arrived this morning at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport were supported by IOM with air tickets through its internal emergency assistance funding mechanisms to travel from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Dhaka Bangladesh with the coordinated support from the Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

Upon arrival the returnees were provided with hot meals, refreshments and onward transportation allowance from the Wage Earners' Welfare Board (Tk 3,000) and IOM (Tk 2,000), facilitating their safe return back to their places of origin.

Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed their gratitude to the IOM for its cooperation during this delicate operation and emphasized the government of Bangladesh’s unwavering commitment to the safety of its nationals abroad.

The government said they are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of every Bangladeshi, no matter where they are in the world.

While the government of Bangladesh in close coordination with its diplomatic Missions in Sudan and Saudi Arabia made all necessary arrangements to ensure the safe passage of more than 682 vulnerable Bangladeshi nationals, their air travel from Jeddah to Dhaka was sponsored by IOM with flight tickets and other necessary arrangements.

Fathima Nusrath Ghazzali, Officer in Charge, IOM Bangladesh, reiterated the organization's commitment to supporting the government of Bangladesh in this humanitarian effort.

"Our priority is the safety and well-being of these vulnerable individuals. We are fully committed to working with the Government to ensure a smooth and efficient repatriation process."

This group is the first of over 680 Bangladeshis to safely return home thanks to the combined efforts and collaboration of IOM and the Government of Bangladesh.

As the volatile situation in Sudan continues to escalate, the government of Bangladesh and IOM remain on alert in monitoring events and are prepared to offer further assistance as needed.

The remaining Bangladeshi nationals are expected to return to the country in the coming days.

In a joint effort to safeguard the well-being of its citizens, the government of Bangladesh and IOM on Monday successfully repatriated the first group of Bangladeshi nationals who were stranded in various locations across the Republic of Sudan.

The ongoing conflict in Sudan has left many Bangladeshi expatriate nationals in a precarious situation. In response to this crisis, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the support of its Missions in Sudan and

Jeddah, Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment and the IOM have taken the initiative to repatriate affected Bangladeshi nationals.