13 to die for student lynching in Aminbazar

Justice delayed but not denied

Published : 02 Dec 2021 08:33 PM

We hail the court’s verdict on Savar students’ lynching case for awarding capital punishment to 13 people. A court in capital Dhaka on Thursday sentenced 13 people to death and 19 others to life imprisonment in a case lodged over lynching six students on suspicion of being dacoits in Aminbazar, Savar in 2011.

This is indeed a landmark judgment as court verdict shows that in this case justice is delayed but not denied. Besides, this historic judgement will also send a warning message and create fear in the mind of the offenders. It will also discourage people not to take the law into their own hands.

We hope the court will execute the 

verdict as early as possible

According to the case details, on 17 July, 2011, seven friends went to visit Borodeshi village in Aminbazar on the night of holy Shab-e-Barat. Around 1.15am that night, some miscreants including drug peddlers stabbed and beat them up alleging that they were robbers. Six of the students died in the incident and one survived.

This brutal murder of students sent a shock wave throughout the country and the incidents of mob beatings first came to light.

In most cases, families of victims did not get justice in past as the law enforcement agencies did not show interest to carry out proper investigation and other procedures and continue the cases.

On July 20 in 2019, Renu, 40, a single-mother of two, was brutally beaten to death by a mob on suspicion of being a child lifter, in front of North Badda Government Primary School.  It was later learned that Renu went there to take information regarding admission of her daughter Tahsin Tuba, 4, at that school. We think it was also a barbaric murder in the history of the country. We all people were shocked and saddened as criminals branding a mother as child lifter lynched in broad day light in front of the members of law enforcement agencies. 

Many people have been lynched in the country but most of them, killed in the mass beatings, were neither snatchers nor abductors. 

Campaign will have to be launched across the country to make people aware so that nobody dares to take law into his or her own hand. Besides, people who will be responsible for such crime must be dealt with an iron hand and no matter who are they and how strong they are. We think the victims’ families get a fair trial and the offenders get punishment in connection with the lynching six-student case. We hope the court will execute the verdict as early as possible.