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12th international Atomexpo kicks off in Sochi

Published : 21 Nov 2022 10:45 PM | Updated : 22 Nov 2022 03:22 PM

The Atomexpo-2022 international forum, a key event of the global nuclear industry, kicks off on Monday with more than 2500 participant along with leading experts from 65 countries taking part.

 Alexei Likhachev, Director General of Rosatom, a State Corporation of Russia, inaugurated the two-day long event at the Sirus Park of Science and Art in Sochi of Russia.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to the participants, organisers and guests at the 12th International Forum ATOMEXPO 2022.

 He said “I believe that the topic of the current assembly, Nuclear Spring: Creating a Sustainable Future, is highly important and relevant. The development of the economy, social sphere, preservation of our planet’s natural balance largely depend on people’s guaranteed access to modern, reliable and safe energy sources, above all nuclear energy.”

 “However, advanced nuclear technologies relate not just to the generation of electricity, but also to science, space, medicine, exploration of Arctic territories and other spheres. And, of course, today, when the entire world is becoming increasingly concerned with the problems of environment, global climate change, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, it is nuclear energy as a clean, stable source of zero-carbon generation that can become the foundation for an effective energy transition in countries with different climatic and natural conditions,” he added.

 “I am confident that the forum will be held in a constructive manner, will help strengthen international relations,” the President said.

 The ATOMEXPO international forum, organized with the support of ROSATOM, has been held annually since 2009. However, it was not held in 2020-2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The previous forum, Atomexpo-2019, was attended by more than 4,000 people from 74 countries, and over 40 cooperation agreements were signed.

 Alexey Likhachev said in his speech “last 3.5 years separate us from the previous one.  All these three years, the nuclear power industry of the planet has been developing, the nuclear family has been expanding, the number of nuclear power facilities on our planet has been expanding.  Thank you for overcoming all the difficulties together. Thank you for moving forward together to new victories.”

 “I am sure that our forum will be an important step towards the development of nuclear energy on Earth, in the further development of the possibilities of peaceful atom by mankind.  I want to wish all of us success, I want to wish all of us new victories, and, of course, physical and moral health.  Good luck to our forum, success to each of you,” he added.

 IAEA Deputy Director General Mikhail Chudakov said “Nuclear is a clean energy, which will help to mitigate climate changes. Our target is to achieve ‘net zero’ by 2050 to ensure UN Sustainable Developments Goals. We want to generate around 8700GW of electricity from nuclear energy by 2050. Along with power generation, we are also emphasizing on nuclear fuel mix.”

 Among others Mthombeni Princess, founder of Africa for Nuclear, International Influencer, African Young Generation in Nuclear, member of Impact team 2050 were also spoke at the inauguration ceremony.

 A Bangladesh delegation including officials of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, nuclear experts and journalists will be join at the event led by Architect Yeafesh Osman, Minister of Science and Technology.

 Yeafesh Osman, said at a plenary session, “Our government is striking to enhance the quality life of people to build poverty and under free knowledge based middle income country by 2021 and develop country by 2041 through implementing its long term vision.”

 “Bangladesh is being imported fossil fuel, which is costly and it also depleting. We are to look forward for alternative fuel which is reliable, cost effective and environmental friendly. We believe that nuclear energy is safe, reliable and environment friendly. It also does not contribute to emission of greenhouse gases, which help to climate change mitigations. Though its initial cost seems to be very high, it is cost effective in long run. And economic life of nuclear power plant is much longer than convention power plant,” he continued.

 “Considering all these factors, we have chosen nuclear as a reliable source of energy for generation of electricity and construction started of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (rnpp), which is the largest infrastructure project in Bangladesh. The construction of the power plant is in progress of enhancing the development of social, economic, scientific and technological potential of the country. Rnpp is contributing to achieve of our national goal to build poverty and hunger free with knowledge based middle income country,” Osman added.

 The Minister also said “Skilled manpower is essential for smart operation of rnpp. We are giving emphasis on this. Along with power generation the rnpp will play a vital role to create job opportunity, promoting industrialization, socio-economic development and new technology to the people.”

“Our father of the nation actually thought this project of there. This is not like as a power plant, it beyond that and everybody fells it in Bangladesh. And it will build our confidence and help to change overall scenario of the country,” he said.

 As part of the forum themed as ‘Nuclear Spring: Creating a Sustainable Future’, 31 events including plenary sessions, roundtables and panel discussions will be held involving interested participants from around the globe to discuss the role the nuclear energy is playing in solving the tasks on the global nuclear agenda and the contribution of nuclear technology to achieving the UN Sustainable Developments Goals. The participants will also discuss green and blue economy strategies, the role of AI in nuclear energy, industry digitalization amid current challenges and a range of other pressing issues.

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