11km Mathkhola-Pakundia road dilapidated

Published : 27 Nov 2020 08:51 PM

Large potholes have developed on the Mathkhola-Pakundia road, connecting the district with Narsingdi, hampering traffic and people movement.

As the road is not labeled during the construction. Traveling the 11-km by car seems that the sea is allowing you to cross the rough seas and working with low quality 

bricks, the road has been paved in a short time.

Locals alleged the road dilapidated since large potholes have developed making it unfit for traffic. The residents of Pakundia Upazila are traveling to Narsingdi and Dhaka at the risk of their lives.

A significant number of people bring goods from the neighboring district of Narsingdi to do business in including Pakundia, Mathkhola, Hosendi, Pulerghat areas. Now they face trouble in traveling.

Delwar Hossain, a trader in Pakundia Bazar, said he was afraid to move due to the dilapidated condition of the road. 

Large holes have been created due to low quality work. It is as if I am swaying in the river with a boat. Due to the dilapidated condition of the road, we have to risk our lives. Meanwhile, pregnant women and other patients are often in trouble on this road. The locals are suffering due to the miserable condition of the road.

Flood Management and Quality Improvement of Haor Region under the Department of Local Government Engineering in December 2015-2016 Budget, Project: Maintenance Pakundia GC-Mathkhola (Bottola) Road, 11 km of low-quality bitumen construction material the renovation work was done by the contractor M/S. Saleh & Brothers. 

At the end of 6 months, the road collapsed and big holes were created. The road has been in dilapidated condition since then.

People's Development Process (PDP) Pakundia Chairman ANM Tanvir Haider Bhuiyan said that all the dilapidated roads of the upazila, including important roads for the development of roads and ghats should be rebuilt.

At the same time, he sought the strict supervision of the higher authorities to ensure that government money is not looted and that the work be done properly with quality construction mate rials as per the estimates and for the intervention of the higher authorities.

In this regard, Pakundia Upazila LGED Engineer Md. Habibullah said, “It has been three years since this important road was written on paper. The road will expire next year. The higher authorities have been informed for the reconstruction. For now, we will fill the big holes in the road.