119 unlicensed faulty dyeing units in N’ganj

Published : 17 Jul 2022 02:06 AM

Over one hundred unlicensed and faulty infrastructural dyeing factories emit smoke and discharge toxic water polluting air, water and crop land as the factories have no proper equipment for an eco-friendly atmosphere.

The department of environment in Narayanganj office informed that four hundred forty one dyeing factories have been running in the district. Among them, one hundred nineteen listed dyeing factories have no environment clearance certificates. The other three hundred twenty two dyeing factories are being operated with an environment clearance certificate.

Those factories that have been approved once by the department of environment are not operating abiding by twenty seven terms and conditions of environment clearance certificate. 

The department of environment issued the clearance certificate mentioning the twenty seven terms and conditions and have bindings that even if one condition is found ignored the certificate would be canceled. This certificate is renewable every year.

Both the unlicensed and some licensed factories have been violating the environment laws. Those factories emit smoke and discharge toxic water into local canals, basins and crop land.

A good number of dyeing factories are situated in the residential area resulting in human health hazards due to emitting smoke, chemical mixed vapor and toxic water.

In the environment clearance certificate it is clearly mentioned as condition no-2, the dyeing factory must have a water purification system that means the effluent treatment plant (ETP). In the condition no-20 in the certificate mentions that any activity of the factory must not pollute earth, water, air and sound environment.

Besides, different area people of the district claimed that certified or not certified, dyeing factories do not abide fully by environmental law and the factory owners patronize some local hoodlums as the people don’t speak out against them.

In the last twenty days, the Narayanganj environment office disconnected the gas and electricity line due to fault. Deputy director of Narayanganj environment office Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun and inspector Habibur Rahman on July 3 inspected Quality Textile (New name) and old name is United Dyeing located at Banglabazar under Fatullah police station and found a faulty ETP machine that was inactive and also running with renewed license 

since 2018.

Deputy Director of Narayanganj environment office Abdullah Al Mamun said that the department would take action as per law against those who don’t obey the environment law.

Requesting anonymity, a source of the environment department claimed that a staff member of the directorate general office interferes in taking proper action against the faulty dyeing factories in Narayanganj.