111 tons of unused cotton fabric exported to India by sea

Published : 28 Aug 2022 08:13 PM

111 tons of unused cotton fabric went to India by sea from Munshiganj. A ship has left for India with unused cotton fabric (Jhut) for garments. On Saturday (August 27) around 1:15 PM, the ship named Ya Razzak left for India from the West Muktarpur Summit Alliance Port of Dhaleswari River in Munshiganj. With 111 tons of unused cotton, the ship will go to Dhubri port in Assam, India.

A company called Moktar Hossain Traders is said to be exporting these Jhut cotton. The ship will take 6-7 days to reach the destination which is 650 km away.

Director of BIWTA Mohammad Rafiqul Islam said that earlier empty ships used to go to India and return home with goods. 

But this time, for the first time, India is going by sea. 111 tonnes of cotton fibre are being exported in the first shipment. There is a plan to export one lakh metric tons of Jhut cotton per year. Against which the opportunity to earn huge foreign currency is being created.

In this regard, Munshiganj Deputy Commissioner Kazi Nahid Rasul said, "I know that unused cotton fabric is already going to India. However, this activity was closed during the Coronavirus period.